Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group and Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the US. In the future many professionals will require some knowledge of Spanish in their careers and communicating in Spanish will be a skill as important as effective writing, public speaking, or computer literacy. These bilingual professionals, especially in engineering or health sciences fields, will have a significant advantage to those who can only speak English. In addition, Hispanics are the least represented ethnic group in STEM fields and in study abroad therefore this initiative  also aims at increasing Latino participation.  In STEM Study Abroad-Spanish we believe that all students should have access to a global education. 


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors and Health Sciences or Pre-Med students experienced the largest increase in numbers of students taking advantage of a study abroad experience according to the 2014 IIE Open Doors report. However, there is still the misconception that a STEM major cannot fit a studying abroad experience in its four-year undergraduate career. STEM Study Abroad-Spanish aims at easing the decision to study abroad by providing a comprehensive source of information that allows STEM students to make a decision on what program fits their academic needs the best. By providing you and your advisor information on short or long-term programs, by destination, or field of study we hope you can find a studying abroad experience that fits your needs.


Why Spanish-speaking destinations?

about us

STEM Study Abroad-Spanish is a web-based initiative to provide relevant information about academic opportunities to study abroad for STEM and health sciences majors. STEM Study Abroad-Spanish is being developed and maintained by Esteban Monserrate, former resident director of PRESHCO and biological sciences professor at Smith College. A main goal of this initiative is to provide a central site with information that will allow USA students to plan a meaningful study abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking destination.