STEM Study Abroad

Education Abroad for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Health Sciences Students

‚ÄčSTEM Study Abroad is an initiative that provides a comprehensive source of information that should allow STEM and health sciences or "pre-med" students to plan a study abroad experience to complement their undergraduate education. The initiative is divide by language/culture destinations such as: Spanish (e.g., Spain and Latin America), German, Chinese/Japanese/Korean etc.) where USA students can find opportunities to study, carry out internships or pursue experiential learning, while spending some time away from their home campus. In addition, the initiative provides information on lesser known destinations that offer unique opportunities for STEM or health sciences students. Currently,STEM Study Abroad-Spanishis the focus of the initiative based on the knowledge and interest of its founder and director,Esteban Monserrate. However, there is a call for collaborators to develop the other regions (i.e., STEM Study Abroad-Germany, STEM Study Abroad-China/Japan/Korea, etc.). Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating or want to share information about your program. Thank you!